Do you ever feel like maybe you’re not living a very adventurous life?

I mean, I’ve done plenty of interesting things in my time and have had the pleasure of creating things and even making money having a lot of fun with my hobbies.

But then I read stories like these, about making new discoveries about your own sexuality in the midst of fiery affairs and I think “Wow, am I boring?”

But also…I don’t want the baggage?

I think I’ll just read some accounts from these anonymous posters.

20. “I’m too afraid to tell him.”

How does one start a conversation like that?

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19. “The truth is…”

People don’t stop being bisexual once they get married.
Sexual orientation and commitment aren’t the same thing?

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18. “I’m that girl.”

With a twist to the typical story.

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17. “I can’t help but miss her.”

What do you do when your heart is split in two?

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16. “No clue.”

Are you sure he doesn’t suspect a thing?

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15. “A female coworker.”

To be fair, that’s the only way you can book a conference room.

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14. “No one would ever suspect this.”

And what will they think when they find out?

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13. “I ruined my relationship.”

Well, cheating will do that.

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12. “I could never come out.”

The pressure to stay in the closet is still very real.

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11. “If only he knew…”

Then what?

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10. Little to say

“I cheated on him with a girl.”

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9. Doesn’t count

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say most people would disagree with you.

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8. Just the fear

It’s great to discover things about ourselves – but talk about timing.

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7. Just experimenting

And it seems like you’ve found some results.

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6. Like a boss

Just careful that fire doesn’t burn too many things down.

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5. Just kidding

All I’m gonna say for y’alls overall relationship is yikes.

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4. All in the family

My eyebrows just shot all the way to the back of my head.

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3. Church girl

It’s all fun and games until it comes crashing down.

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2. Yeah, whatever

I’m a pretty laid back guy with most things but it’s hard to imagine not caring about this.

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1. The best

The things he don’t know could fill a library.

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Wild, wild stuff.

Have you had an experience like this?

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