There really is something about pizza. It’s basically the perfect food.

You’ve got your bread, your cheese, your veggies, your meat.

Or no meat, if that’s your thing. Or no veggies, which is more likely your thing.

As some of you know, May 15th is officially National Pizza Party Day and we figured what better way to get the party going with some absolutely juicy, delicious Tumblr posts! Tumblr always come through with the best quotables.

Let’s go!

1. A big difference.

Don’t speak until spoken to.

Photo Credit: oknope/Tumblr

2. Needed directions

Got directions. All is right with the world.

3. That’s an emergency in EVERY case.

They should put these in every building, ever.

4. The horror!

Oh lorde…

Photo Credit: dulect/Tumblr

5. I want it!

This should come with A LOT of free pizza.

6. Now that is COLD!

Imaging eating that sixth slice and seeing those words underneath. ?

7. Truer words have never been spoken.

You can try to be pizza, but you’ll never be pizza.

8. Living your best life!

If not today, perhaps tomorrow!

Photo Credit: actionables/Tumblr

9. How fitting!

The kind of exercise I can get behind.

10. When the pizza is as tall as you…

… you know you’re in the right place.

Photo Credit: dulect/Tumblr

11. I never looked at it like that before.

But it all makes sense now.

12. Billion dollar business idea!

Trillion dollar, actually.

Photo Credit: egberts/Tumblr

13. Tell me your future.

Nevermind, I already know it’s gonna be good.

14. The struggle is real.

For me, it’s 8 and 8.

15. This adds up.

I’m not good at math, but I’m great at pizza.

16. Grab it fam!

Gobble it down!

17. Okay, I’ve got the munchies now.

Extra everything pls!

Photo Credit: zackisontumblr/Tumblr

18. The Papa can make it happen.

Who’s your pepperoni, daddy?

Photo Credit: averagefairy/Tumblr

19. Sounds like a great morning to me!

Or a great afternoon. Or evening.

Photo Credit: raven/Tumblr

20. No cheese. No sauce. All beef.

Not surprised this happened.

21. The Left Beef trend is taking off!

I’m gonna order it tonight.

22. You like? You want to eat?

You’re getting very, very hungry.

23. The perfect dress has been found.

And it looks like it fits very loosely. Perfect for pizza eaters.

24. Julia Roberts can GET it.

Eat. Pray. Eat. Love. Eat. Eat more. Keep eating.

25. Just Joe Manganiello dressed up as Pee Wee Herman and Pee Wee Herman eating pizza side by side.

Has there been a more iconic duo?

26. YAS Queen. I need this.

Anybody can wear this and make it work.

27. When you spring for the upgrade…

I’m feeling it.

28. Do you haz pizza? Now I haz pizza.


Ready to get the party started? Do it!

Tell us which one of these posts you love the most in the comments.

Now… I gotta find some pizza…