So here’s the deal… you’ve probably had a rough day. And that’s okay. Because we’re here to make it better. Hopefully a lot better.

How? Because there’s this great site called Tumblr and it’s pretty magical. Go on there for even a few minutes and you’ll be smiling, laughing, thinking, and you just might find yourself tearing up.

Yes, Tumblr reconnects you with all the feels, and that’s exactly what you need after a tough day.

Enjoy the posts and don’t forget to share with your friends.

1. Activate the cat box!

It’s like a little moving cat house!

2. These pillows are probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

These fuzzballs LOVE them.

3. Everybody. Always. Forever.

Why do we doom scroll so much?!?

4. Sometimes you just need a little friendly affirmation.

When? Right meow.

5. More of this present thinking, please!

Say it when you feel it.

6. Being in the general vicinity of trouble.

I wonder if there’s a word like this with sorority in it?

7. Well, this is Tumblr after all.

And forklifts are a mood.

8. Oh wow… now you’ve got me thinking.

Sit and think about this for a minute.

9. Awwwwww! Baby medieval bat!

You gotta know somebody drew this and smiled.

10. It is like that.

It’s like that very much so.

11. Get that gunk off, fam!

It’s like being born again!

12. See… that’s how quickly things can turn around.

Squeeeee! Poultry!

13. If you know the references…

And odds are… you know the references…

14. This is an actual mountain in the Andes of Peru called Vinicunca

OMG… anybody want to go to Peru now?!

15. If I fits.

I sits.

16. The answer is…

… probably not, but caffeine helps.

17. Yay for dumpster kittehs!

Started from the bottom, now we here…

18. Well now… let’s see how it works out!

Thoughts and prayers.

19. There’s gonna be some real excitement soon!

To the closet!

20. Let’s give it up for the GIF makers

They’re the true Tumblr heroes…

21. This is here for when you need it.

And you probably need it on the daily.

See, we said you’d be laughing and thinking. You’re surely doing one of those two things, right?

Yeah, we thought so.

Now do that thing where you tell friends about this post and make them read it too.

That’s our love language.