Wheels of dough! Fried up for show! Sprinkled with powder! Served in the shower!

Yeah, that’s right. I eat donuts in the shower. And on the bus. And in a vestibule.

Especially in vestibules.

Why? Because June 3rd is National Donut Day and even though you may not be reading this on June 3rd, don’t you feel like it’s kind of June 3rd in your soul? I mean, you want a donut right now, right?

Just you reading the word DONUT in all caps really makes it seem enticing, right? Like you can’t think of anything else? Like you NEED a donut now and will likely stop by a shop on the way to work to pick one up? Or grab some from the grocery store after work.

Treat yourself, fam! And, while you’re at it… let Tumblr treat you to 25 magical posts that their fine folks have put together over the years that share our obsession for the holey, doughy, sugary and showy.

Get the coffee ready! It’s time to dip in!

1. Oh daddy!

That’s the kind of donut you want on June 3rd.


2. OMG!

This changes everything!


3. Squeeeee!

Weedle donuts FTW!


4. I mean, I can have one of these every day right?

Have to run 20 miles every night to burn the calories?

Count me in.


5. Absolutely iconic.

America, sometimes you make me misty.


6. Digital donut.

I can virtually take a bite!


7. All hail the donut queens!

A post for the ages!


8. The one with the strawberries!

It will be mine!


9. Bacon cheeseburger WHAT?!?!

I don’t know if my life will be complete without tasting this about 100 times.


10. Can you smell the cinnamon and apples?

I love the fall!


11. Wait just a second!

Are those KitKats!? On a DONUT?!?!


12. What’s not the love?

Answer: nothing


13. Read! That! Description!

I want Earl Grey soft serve!!!!


14. Alright, somebody at the donut shop is out of control!

All those sizes?! Look at those cute, itty bitty ones and then that GIANT one!


15. Because bunnies, donuts and anime just seem like they go together.

Just sit back and let it loop forever.


16. Somehow it gets less confused…

…when it has been eaten!


17. No carrots. All donuts.

It is now the law. Arrest the carrot people.


18. I’m pretty sure he loves the attention.

Yeah, he loves it.


19. Oh look!

An armful of happiness!


20. A blast from the past.

Stan Laurel was the silent GOAT.


21. Yes, even turtles like them.

Especially with sprinkles and kelp.


22. A donut post we can all get behind.

A manifesto for the ages!


23. He’s so beautiful and pink!

The dog is cute too.


24. A piece of donut history.

Served piping fresh by the fine folks at Tumblr.


25. Open wide!

It’s a donut surprise!


And there it is folks. The gosh darn donuttiest post you may ever read.

Now get out there and celebrate National Donut Day in style. And if it isn’t June 3rd, well, pretend like it is.