Cat people… are you in purrrrr a treat!

Today we’ve got most hiss-terical posts about the bestest kittehs you’ve seen in any of you nine lives.

Because if there’s one thing that hilarious folks on Tumblr enjoy, it’s posting about their pusses.

So let’s take a big stretch, sticks our butts in somebody’s face and curl up and enjoy some tumbling right meow.

1. Nobody want to hug you, dirt?

I’ll hug you, dirt.

2. Hello friend sun! You warms me?

I can feel you, but you no feel me?

3. All the hugs, all the time.

You my best furrrrrend.

4. I start a rubber band gang?

Boing. Boing. Boing.

5. I checked it all. You haz no more.

Time to go to the store. Don’t forget treatz!

6. I feel so lucky when this happens!

Public cats are the best cats!

7. Daylight savings cat, activate!

I take hour of sleep from you! Beware!

8. Apparently people are making cat beds out of old televisions.

Brb… gonna buy ALL the old TVs.

9. Wuts going on out there? How are you Tumblr fanz?

Can I see? Iz it Tumblrz peeplz again?

10. If I fits, I sits.

And sleepz.

11. Now THAT is a troubled cat.

But I would pay good money to see it roll in flour.


12. I do what I want.

But you… don’t sit here. You’ll get in trouble.

13. Don’t worry. I will read you a story.

“It all started on a cold winter day. Ms Buttons and her kittens were tucked inside a cozy bit of hay in Farmer Gardner’s barn. And then came a knock on the door…”

14. I will wait for you.

While I wait though, I will sleepz.

While I sleepz, you will memez.

We are a good pair.

15. So, of course you were celebrate Molly’s birthday.

And I guess Tim’s too.

16. We can fix them.

Yearn and you will be heard.

17. Noodle’s gonna noodle!

And when Noodle noodles, he really noodles.

18. I wantz dat shrimpz! Give itz!

But you cant haz it.

19. I mean… how amazing is that fur!?

I want the kitteh! I need to haz it!

20. Oh, so u wantz some orghez, do u?

I mite b able to make dis happen. We shul see.

21. Slide slide slippity slide.

Ain’t no valley low enough or a mountain high

22. Best Fur Friends Forever.

Hug it out.

23. How do you play cat pool?

First, crawl into one of the holes.

Second, have a youngster push you all the way into the hole.

24. Air biscuits!

Anybody want sausage and gravy with dem biscuits?

25. That reveal tho.

Hug all the cats. Always.

26. So, hooman… I think you needz hug?

Okay, I’ll give you hugz.

27. Thank goodness the Garfield factory is functioning at full capacity.

The supply chain is intact!

28. Hello Ms. Butterfly!

I gonna boop u a liddle bit now if dats alrite wid u?

29. Mommmmmmmmm!!!!!!

I need skritches.

30. Deaf kitty is the best kitty!

Unmute and listen to that meow! SO MUCH JOY!

31. Dream big, y’all!

And if you don’t succeed, look fabulous failing.

Well, my heart is overflowing with joy and fun and pawsitivity! How about yours?

If you love kittehs as much as we do, plz tell us which one of these posts you absolutely loved! Do it in the commentz!

Please and thank you, fam!