You know when you’re winding down at the end of the day, and there’s that ONE post that just occupies your mind and you just can’t stop thinking about it?

Well, we’ve been digging through the depths of Tumblr and we think there are 25 of those in this post for you to noodle on endlessly.

So why wait? Let’s push those brains into overdrive!

1. The Simpsonssssssss

You heard them sing it in your head just now. Admit it.

2. There’s nothing wrong with rewards!

Motivation is key in these troubling times.

3. Sometimes we just need a hug.

Check that… we ALWAYS need a hug.

4. This is the kind of content I live for.

Ships having crushes on each other. *swoon*

5. Oh no… I have to use this now.

But where? And when? Nobody will expect it coming!

6. I’m into the limestone gifs.

Can we get this technology to spread far and wide?

7. All hail the glowing puffins!

I love science.

8. TIL about Desire Paths

We’ve all walked this way…

9. And lo they threw the magical spear at the flying all-seeing eye…

And it doth falleth to the groundeth.

10. Sing along and knock on something.

It’s kind of magical when you realize what’s happening.

11. Oh, the humanity.

To be seen… finally!

12. Gotta be gold around there!

Or a unicorn. One of those two things.

13. If the lasagna fits…

… eat it.

14. That’s fine.

I don’t care about you guys either!

15. Here’s a question about Star Wars…

Why don’t any of them have cell phones?

16. Cat math

They do not care, but we are entertained.

17. That would be a much better show.

Life could use more robot legs.

18. Jiggly Puff in its natural element

He’s so round and pink!

19. Everybody’s got their way of interacting

Or jamming themselves into wheel wells…

20. Black cat appreciation post!

Or brown cat? Hrmmm….

22. The cutest Wednesday post?

Yeah, it pretty much is.

23. Watch out!

… for the adorable ending!

24. I am really into these combinations

Van Buren Gremlin made me lose it.

25. I think we need more birds in boots

Because no wet feet. Of course.

Photo Credit: Tumblr

And so it ends just as quickly as it began. We hope you enjoyed all this fun content brought to you by the Tumblerati.

We know resume our regularly scheduled programming, by bringing you more Tumblr madness! This post, and this one and that one and even that one and possible even this one.

There ya go! Five you should read next. And then poke around the site a bit more. We’ve got a lot of fun stuff to check out.

Thanks fam!