Twitter is a place where knowledge is learned and lives are destroyed. On the daily.

So it’s no surprise that we can go digging around in the twitterverse and finds some gems. Seriously, you don’t have to spend much time mining to start plucking one diamond after another out of the tweet pile.

Here are some choice thoughts about life from people who are just like you and me. And, honestly, I don’t know if it’s a good thing that people are thinking the thoughts that are in our heads. Probably. Maybe. Hmmm…

Let’s go!

1. One. At. A. Time. Please.

2. Oh sh^t. I have to talk to people?

3. “How many hours you got?”

4. The devil’s card!

5. I either sleep 4 hours or 12 hours

6. That would be a noooooooo

7. Slowly… slipping… away…

8. I’m freeeeeee!

9. All love. All day. Every day.

10. True friends make themselves available, always.

11. The curb hit me. Not the other way around.

12. Good riddance!

13. Don’t want to suffer the backlash…

14. When your genetic code is 1234567

15. Why won’t you work better, time?!?

16. You want to watch me to turn into an actual dragon?!

17. I still don’t know…

18. Hey, I like grilled cheese and fries. Don’t judge.

19. Is this even a real question? The answer is yes. Always.

20. Give. Me. That. Food.

21. This advice will get you in trouble!

By the way, I know the answer is 5. I can subtract. Because that’s all I do from any conversation or relationship.

? ? ?