Cats get all of the glory when it comes to the internet, but I’ve gotta tell you, dogs are just as cute and funny and also they’re not as rude!

So what’s not to love about people sharing their pooch’s antics on Twitter?

Not a thing, I tell you. Not a thing.

22. She sort of looks like my 10 month old.

21. I mean sorry, human son, but lololol and awwww in equal measure.

20. The best is all anyone can give, y’all.

19. She doesn’t even need the balloon let’s be honest.

18. This dog is baller.

17. His eyes! He looks like if a Disney princess was a dog!

16. Hold still, yummy noodle stick.

15. Videos like this is why Tik Tok is a thing.

14. Man would I love to watch a game with this dog.

13. Of course it wasn’t that good boy!

12. That’s better than the school photos for most kids I know.

11. Whoever made this is responsible for hundreds of smiles.

10. So men really are all the same.

9. He tried, though. God love him.

8. This is just the saddest and sweetest thing.

7. I’m sure I don’t need to say this but I agree with your wife.

6. How can that not make you happy?

5. If I would have seen that I wouldn’t have been able to drive, anyway.

4. Enter that pup in a Best Smile contest STAT!

3. There is not a better use for a panoramic camera.

2. Just pretend every day for the rest of your life because who could say no to that?

1. That very good dog deserves a big contract!

Please, someone stop me from browsing the shelter!

Do you have a dog? Are you dying to get another?

Share the best thing about your pooch in the comments!