Congratulations. You found it. The thing you didn’t even realize you were looking for. A treasure trove of Tumblr posts for you to scroll through and laugh and think and temporarily throw your cares away.

Many seek this treasure, but few find their way here. Welcome. Look around. Stay as long as you’d like.

Enjoy these 23 random Tumblr experiences that are sure to put a smile on your face.

23. Butt why

We all knew those things were a threat but we didn’t know why until now.

22. Wazzup

And people say English is a mess…

21. This is spinal tap

Some people should just never interact.

20. Animorphs

This episode of the new Twilight Zone is great.

19. Egg-citement

I don’t know what’s happening here and I don’t want or need to.

18. Besties

*nervous laughter as I back away slowly*

17. A horse of a different color

The same tactic might still work, though.

16. One-upper

And on that day she learned how to truly stand out.

15. Cracking up

No bones about it.

14. F to pay respects

Why are so many of these posts about eggs?

13. It’s just Kathy

This is a test and nobody gets to pass.

12. Avenge me

Even in death I’m gonna put up a fight.

11. Mommy pig

I really hope this person doesn’t have kids now.

10. Heed the beebs

We really just need to start over with this garbage language.

9. Keep it going

This is poetry in motion.

8. Ah ha!

This post is really getting away from me.

7. Watch it grow

Look what’s possible through a little human cooperation.

6. Palindrome

A skeleton wrote this post.

5. Phantom pains

Both hypothesis are equally valid.

4. Eat ’em up

When good intentions go bad.

3. The way of the future

What a time to be alive.

2. Thumbing through the pages

I think you got the wrong book.

1. Caught on tape

Honestly, good for you.

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