Last night the first episode of the last season of Game of Thrones premiered and we were all watching.

Naturally, some of us were tweeting too. Because that’s just what we do in 2019.

Enjoy these tasty tweets, and “valar morghulis.”

1. Ummm, HBO… do you know how time works?!?!

2. Every. Single. Minute. Counts.

3. Apparently Winterfell and rural Kentucky have something in common…

4. “Nobody knows how to ride a dragon, until they do.”

5. Btw, that star those dragons gave…

6. True masterpiece…

7. But seriously, that scene was scary AF!

8. Biiiiiiittttccchhhhh….

9. We’ll see about that, kid…

10. Sam, you’re making this awkward…

11. Shiz gettin real!

12. Stop looking at me Bran!

13. I mean it Bran!

14. Bran, you’re creeping me out!

15. Then Jaime Lannister shows up and we’re all like… ohhhhh

16. “I was promised elephants!!!

17. Let’s keep our eye on the prize, people!

18. Sam and Daenerys are gonna be best friends. I can feel it.

19. Oh snap!

20. Arya getting that feeling, tho!

21. *sniff*

22. Sansa bringing us back down to reality…

23. You know nothing Jon Snow!

24. But back to those dragons…

25. Okay Bran, you get to end this one.

I can’t believe it’s been nearly two years since this show was on.

And in less than two months it will all be over! Forever!

Where does the time go?!