Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like you just don’t like people very much?

Do you ever have like, a few thousand of those days in a row?

Do you ever think that maybe it’s not the day’s fault, and that maybe it’s more a matter of you just genuinely not liking people because people suck a whole bunch?

Well, you’re not alone. Unfortunately. Let’s look at some memes about it.

25. Take a break

This is my home. I live here now.

24. True colors

Once you hit a certain age, why hide it?

23. Priorities

So say we all.

22. The corner

This is what we came here for, right? To anti-socialize?

21. Surrounded!

It’s like every place I look, there’s another.

20. Checking in

Yup, still pretty bogus out here.

19. Pick-me-up

Are you sure you’re not all just doing drugs?

18. Sorry not sorry

There have been some major overhauls recently.

17. Fitting in

Erm…careful what you wish for?

16. Nope

Sorry for the inconvenience.

15. Unwelcome mat

We really don’t need to go through this again.

14. Clarifications

See how that works?

13. Totally rad

Now stop asking.

12. The black book

A literary classic, but hard to get through.

11. Don’t worry

Well, that’s quite a relief.

10. Alone again, naturally

This has pretty much been me for the last year, I must confess.

9. Dog eat dog

Canines are infinitely better than humans.

8. What do you think you’re doing?

I’m gonna need way more information before I make even a verbal commitment, this might be a trap.

7. It’s no surprise to me

‘Cause every now and then I kick the living s**t outta me.

6. Remember, remember

I see no reason the random light treason should ever be forgot.

5. Asked and answered

It’s a dangerous game that you’re playing.

4. Downright neighborly

The less they know of my existence the better.

3. Squad goals

Oh, I’m dead serious about that.

2. Back off

I’m sorry, do you know who I am?

1. Checking in

Yup, it’s still pretty stupid out here.

I don’t know what all these people are here for, but I’m here for some good alone time away from them.

How much of an introvert do you consider yourself?

Tell us in the comments.