How amazing was that battle?!? Did you think all was lost?! Because I did!!

Seriously, there has never been a TV show that has been that epic. Never.

So the question remains… will there be something this epic again? Because HBO is spending like $20M per episode now. That’s nuts!

Okay, let’s get to it GoT fans! You’ve earned it!

1. Let’s start this off right…

2. Some harshness for the future ruler…

3. In the crypt fam. Can’t talk right now.

4. Oh… they got theirs!

5. Fire?!? What fire?!

6. Gonna go do some world saving…

7. “Wut?” “Wut, I thought you said something?” “No, wut?” “Wut?”

8. Worthless

9. The champion!

10. RIP Lyanna

11. All the tears!

12. … and scene!

13. Not today betches!

14. Wut up fam!?

15. I’ve saved you enough fatty!

16. Stabeth!

17. Oh sh^t? She had a knife?! My bad…

18. Just warg stuff. You wouldn’t understand.

19. Got no d%ck. Surrounding by white walkers. CHARGE!

20. I could post these all day…

21. This is gonna be a real thing!

22. I’m probably not dead tho…

23. Well, he did kind of earn at least a kiss. Yeah?

24. Oh hi, but byeeeeeeee!

25. Next week I’m gonna be like…

26. A girl with no name’s job is never done…

27. We’re in the Endgame now!

28. We’re in the Endgame now!

Thank you GOT fans!

Just three more episodes to go until we have to get a new obsession? How can I possible cope?!