I feel like we passed the point a while ago where the term “millennial” just became synonymous with “bummer.”

The boomers called us lazy, the Gen Xers tried to be supportive but got confused, and now Gen Z is sitting on Twitter picking apart every prosaic and mundane facet of Millennial existence to drag through the mud.

But for all that, I gotta admit…they’re not wrong.

29. Like a boss

And yet it never quite happens.


28. Who lives in a White House?

Recent events have allowed me to rewatch West Wing with a feeling of general disappointment rather than nauseated despair, so that’s something.


27. Can’t react


26. Serious business

We’re all still playing grown up games because we know we’ll never actually get there.

25. Get woke

I mean, it’s a decent first step.


24. Tick tock, tick tock

We know what it is, we just don’t understand it.

23. Spread the love

I mean yeah man, that’s the internet.


22. Carb up

Please just allow me this bright spot of happiness, I ask for so little.

21. Paws for reflection

For the record I’ve never been on board with this.

20. What a twist!

You fools, you’ve fallen right into our trap!

19. A game of tag

We never really got the hang of how to strategically get views so we just throw everything at the wall.

18. My Favorite Murder

We’re so used to witnessing and contemplating corruption and destruction that it’s basically recreational for us now.


17. Back in my day

We’re just reflecting on back when it seemed fun and cool and not like the harbinger of the end of society.

16. Adult content

Because our own adulthoods have been stunted by the failure of a million societal promises.

15. See hear now

If you’d seen the insane change in technology that we witnessed, you’d still be thinking about it too.


14. Say cheese

It’s one of the only affordable ways we can feel sophisticated.

13. Up where the air is rarefied

It’s one of the only affordable ways we can feel luxurious.

12. The grunge

Believe it or not, bad quality photos of people screwing up their lungs was what we were taught was cool.

11. So much winning

We have so few actual wins in life, just let us have this.

10. Booty call

Wait, doesn’t everybooty?


9. Kate McKinnon

I was not aware of any Kate McKinnon super fandom going on, but sit down, she’s a treasure.

8. Moist

We collectively realized that it was a gross word several years ago and now it’s a tired joke. Fair criticism.

7. Bar Carts

They’re stylish and practical for our tiny apartments. No points to you.

6. Right, right

This is definitely overused, and puts me in the position where I’m supposed to agree with you even if I don’t. Agreed.

5. Cartoons

Yeah, we can probably keep that more to ourselves.

4. Cheese Boards

We use them to pretend to be doing something expensive and classy that we can’t afford to do.
I have mixed feelings on this criticism.

3. Air Purifiers

The air we breathe is disgusting and we’re stuck inside all day. This is legit.

2. “Clients”

Sometimes it’s merited, sometimes it’s BS. I’ll allow this one.

1. Did a thing

Do you realize how hard it is to do things these days?

Maybe we should just do a rebranding. Some people call us Generation Y, and that seems to confuse folks enough that maybe it’ll just help us blend in. Let’s become the New Coke of ourselves. Nothing else has worked.

What’s the best or worst thing about your generation?

Tell us all about it in the comments.