You know what’s the new sexy? Everything. Because everybody’s got different tastes. And when you consider just how broad that spectrum of tastes actually is, it makes the pressures of beauty conformity seem all the more silly. Take this thread on r/AskReddit, for example:

What strange trait is very attractive to you?
by inAskReddit

There were a lot of intriguing answers, but we’ve collected just a few from the world of Reddit that demonstrate that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

1. Be proud of that schnoz.

Guys with big noses

– daydreamer_92

2. Bit of a night owl?

Dark circles under the eyes

– blurpadinka

3. I gotta hand it to ya.

Hands – not sure why, but I always check out a guys hands

– 1OddSongAday

4. Stick your neck out.

This is gonna make me sound like a serial killer but a well defined neck and collar bones.

– muddybuttbrew

5. Posture is important, I guess?

when a guy sits with his legs apart with his elbows on his knees and hands sorta pointing outwards fingers interlaced with each other (not on the face) and leans in

– ffatimasaleem77

6. Tickle those ivories.

When a guy has long fingers ..

– borntodie_629

7. It’s scrunch time.

Being able to scrunch up her nose. When she finds something funny or interesting and the nose goes wrinkly, hnnnngg.

– homoeroticpoolnoodle

8. Listen up.

Big ears. When a girl’s ears poke through her hair, it makes my heart dance.

– DocSaysItsDainBramuj

9. Tell me a tail.


Don’t know why but they just do it for me. And it’s not a slight attraction either it could take a 5/10 girl to a solid 8 all because of the hair.

Drives me crazy.

– A_Wild_VelociFaptor

10. A wandering eye.

I love when girls have a mild lazy eye.

It makes my heart warm.

– granddaddygoth

11. Spot the difference.

Freckles, little freckles on the nose and cheeks, I don’t care about the person’s skin color or ethnicity, I find them adorable and special on anyone or a small scar (something that reminds me of them as soon as I think about it)

– Redshosit

12. (This is called Heterochromia if you’re curious!)

Having two different eye colors (like one eye is one color and the other eye is a completely different color). I don’t know why but I’ve always found that attractive

– Phantom_Cavalier

13. Let it get dark.

Eyes black as night.

– sixscreamingbirds

14. Short and sweet.

Women with short hair, but not the Karen kind.

– Lakna_Rokee

15. Get a little help.

I absolutely love braces and or glasses, it makes women look so good

– WolfgangDixon

16. The loud, silent type.

I love people that seem very silent but after talking to them they act like a whole different happy open person

– epic_gamer4200

17. Some good chuckles.

A unique laugh that might be a little different but definitely shows their genuine happiness

– serial_heartbreakee

18. It’s a fine line to walk.

When someone manages to be 100% confident but 0% cocky.

– CertifiedWisp

19. Stay focused, my friends.

My wife always has a very serious and focused expression when doing little activities like baking or crocheting. She looks so adorable.

– redlycanscurge

20. Well, I’ll be f***ed.

The ability to drop a well placed swear when it’s actually warranted. There’s an art to doing this.

– Greigebaby

21. Go off on a tangent.

when people rant about something they’re really REALLY passionate about. i love that.

Yeah babe, tell me about space! I’d love to hear your cool facts about the stars!

Tell me about bionicles or ancient greece or probability or baking or anything! I just love it so much when people are passionate about something.

– SomeKindOfAGamer

22. Take it easy.

Just enough laziness that they can and will enjoy boredom, pure attraction every time

– [user deleted]

23. Ride that wave.

Being able to longboard. Idk man, being able to balance on those things is hot af

– BasementBeholders

24. Notice the strange.

If she’s able to actually appreciate the weird things in life with me

– Yellowcarrot3

25. So, big hands then?

The ability to play octaves and larger intervals on the piano with ease

– with_aloe_please

26. Full on laughter.

When a girl snorts when she laughs.

– deepthought515

27. A beautiful mind.

Intelligence. Not a “I have an iq of 170” smart but a “hard-working” smart.

– mooig4tea78

28. From ear to ear…

My heart melts when I see a big guy with a giant smile and a warm heart, that you can hug like a big teddy bear.

– lchugluvsmemes

29. Have a seat.

Sitting on surfaces that aren’t intended to be sat on. Counters, tables, leaning against car hoods, etc

– Aubsedobs

30. Pay attention.

True listening.

Lots of people “listen,” but you can definitely tell when the person is fully interested in what you’re saying, digesting the information, on the edge of their seat.

– Throw_4way_4ccount

You literally never know what someone is going to be drawn to. So be yourself! It’s the thing you’re gonna be best at.

What strange trait do YOU find attractive?

Tell us in the comments.