If you, like me, spend most of your time feeling like a socially awkward weirdo, I can’t say that spending your time laughing at these weird SpongeBob memes is going to help that, but I CAN say that it’ll be time better spent than worrying about what everyone thinks of you, so, highly recommend.

Here are some SpongeBob memes for the socially…different.

30. Speaking of which…

Ya’ll have no idea what kind of a ride you’re in for.

29. Me am real

You know what, just forget I even exist.

28. Self reflection

Was somebody gonna tell me about this or?

27. Writing’s on the wall

You had your chance and you blew it.

26. Language barriers

I’m bilingual, I speak Desperate and Awkward.

25. Express delivery


24. Only the lonely

But I’ll bet FUTURE future me’s got it all figured out.

23. In a jam

What, you don’t listen exclusively to Bear in the Big Blue House trap remixes?

22. Ghosts of cringemas present

How can I ever be lonesome with all these voices around me?

21. Smooth things over

Please hurry, I can’t retain this shape long.

20. Crushing my memes

Well what good am I then?

18. Bright and shining

I’m dyin’ in here.

17. Caught by night

They mustn’t know of my raviolis.

16. Not likely

But I included my entire face and everything…

15. Can’t take the heat

That’s what I call a power shower.

14. The bald truth

These are the confessions we’ve been waiting for the whole series.

13. Cookie monster

Not looking to buy, just browsing.

12. Wake me up inside

Time to annoy everyone I know with this new discovery.

11. Sweet cash

They’re never gone…it’s never enough…

10. Decisions, decisions

Yeah let me get uuuuuuhhhhh that sandwich I’ve already had six hundred times.

9. Chase the chunk

Your life absolutely flashes before your eyes.

8. Plane and simple

And I’d have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for your meddling phones.

7. Top of the dome

Yup. Thanks. Looks great.

6. Behind the mask

My rights have been infringed by a small piece of cloth.

5. The endless cycle

Eventually I’ll get so sad I’ll circle back around to happy.

4. For the sake of argument

For some reason who owns the roof always comes up around this part.

3. Comfy puppy

While we’re on the subject: your pet hates wearing clothes and they hate you for making them do it.

2.The struggle

But how am I to scoot?

1. On again off again

See ya in the tunnels, boys.

At the end of the day, we’re all a little awkward. Best to just embrace it and kick back with some SpongeBob.

What was your most awkward moment recently?

Tell us in the comments.