No matter how well versed you are in the different social media sites around the internet, it can feel impossible to really master them all. They’re the same, but also they’re different – and if Tumblr isn’t your favorite spot and where you spend the most time, there’s a good chance it’s a bit of a mystery to you.

So please, let us introduce you to 33 of the very best posts the site has to offer – they just might convince you to take a deep breath and dive into the deep end.


32. This isn’t how anything works.

31. Yes, yes very clever.

30. Take that, Debbie Downer!

29. This made me laugh way too hard.

28. Or following the dreams of whoever tossed it, more likely.

27. What an inspiring message.

26. Cats can sometimes be the best. Not often. But sometimes.

25. This is relatable content.

24. Just making sure you’re not wrong.

23. I like the way you think, sir.

22. A picture is worth a thousand words.


21. Yeah, still too soon.

20. The face every sibling of a better sibling knows well.

19. What a complicated origin story.

18. Wowwwww sick burn.

17. You should probably know the answer to that.

16. I love how it had to be explained in detail.

15. It could be an entire series.

14. When your perfect caption is just perfect.

13. They specialize in many-layered genius.

12. Also they are made out of the same things.

11. You just described hell.

I mean… NOBODY wants to watch that. Trust me. It’s BORING.

10. These are all of the most obvious uses, of course.

Especially the shaking the stick at god. I do that on the daily.

9. That’s called a nightmare, my friend.

But… it’s also a reality that I sat at lunch by myself, so… not THAT bad, eh?

8. People are monsters, Exhibit A.

I don’t even want to talk about it.

7. What? It’s free treatment!

It’s called DEEP acupuncture. Look it up.

6. Is it a joke, though?

This could be a viable career path…

5. Land and sea.

Just call the cops, fam. Seriously.

4. Real talk.

Oh… it’s on like donkey kong now, fam!

3. Knocked it right into the sea.

Take that ya smokey, half mountain!

2. I have been this tired… so no judgement.

But still… does she need some help? It sounds like she needs some help.

1. Way harsh, God.

Why you no help, God? WHY?!?!

It’s so delightfully offbeat on Tumblr. That’s what I think.

What’s your favorite social media site? If it’s Tumblr, tell us in the comments what you love about it!