Bullies. Where are they now?


Nah, just kidding. They’re all over the place. We learned that from a Twitter thread about ’em that attracted a lot of attention recently.

Writer and Producer Tze Chun – known for his work on Once Upon a Time, Gotham, and the upcoming Gremlins series – posted the following question on Twitter out of curiosity:

And the responses that started flooding in were wild. 

34. How the turntables have…

You don’t know what you’ve done until you find yourself in those shoes.

33. Names in lights

Nothing hits harder than a former tormentor’s success.

32. Spoiled rotten

Gotta love the American justice system.

31. Serving time

Seriously, SO many of these are prison themed.

30. Riding high

I’m sure he cries about it into his piles of money.

29. Smile for the camera

Schadenfreude doesn’t get a whole lot stronger than this.

28. A bloody mess

You gotta wonder: do they regret it? Do they even remember?

27. Not like this

Revenge is a dish probably best not served.

26. Creepin’ back in

Sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the AUDACITY.

25. Catching up

No shame on bartending, but screw anybody who tries to push you down to elevate themselves.

24. Building lies

“Dude even we’re smart enough to listen to doctors.” – actual sheep

23. Fun in the sun!

Yeah that’s…pretty much the state pastime now.

22. Judge not

Aaaaaaandy this one’s a huge bummer.

21. Let me guide you

Guess they stayed in school, huh?

20. Making amends

You don’t get much more fully redemptive than this.


19. Feel the power

Here’s hoping it’s a legitimate one!

18. The plot thickens

A long way to go toward a pretty happy ending.

17. Bitter sweet

Hats off to him, I say.


16. Getting into therapy

There’s um…there’s a lot going on here.

15. Keeping the faith

Can’t tell if this is a good sign or a really awful one.

14. Be the change

It can be hard to let things go, but sometimes we really need to.

13. Simply put

We need a little less hate in the world.

12. Top of the tower

The irony in bullies getting voluntarily bullied out of their own money.

11. Post-script

I’m sorry, WHAT?

10. A short memory

I’m sure he thought you were “just playing around.”

9. Enemy number one

Shh, he’ll hear us talking about him.


8. The war at home

You don’t always have to go far to find the jerks…

7. Live, laugh, torment

Good, GOOD, let the chaotic basicness flow through you…

6. Serve and protect

There were, in fact, tons of answers along these lines.


5. Hold your position

What can I offer you but my biggest oof.


4. Speak to your inner manager

Perhaps the universe DOES have a sense of justice.

3. Sick burn

Sounds like he’s still got it.


2. What are the odds

Numbers don’t lie.

1. That doesn’t rock

Dish dish dish, we need to know who!

At the end of the day, all you can do to defeat the ghosts of you past is to live your best life now. The sense of justice we crave for the people who hurt us will never be perfectly executed. But their mistakes are on them, not us.

What are your old bullies up to?

Tell us in the comments.