Cards Against Humanity is the NSFW, fowl-mouthed party card game that just about everybody has played at some point. It’s such a popular choice among many circles of friends that they’ll no doubt want to keep playing even when they’re stuck at home, or far away from each other.

If that’s you, check out this list of ways to get your at-home CAH fix. We’ll start with the official options, then move to some off-brand stuff.

1. Cards Against Humanity Lab

This is more of a one-player experience. It’s CAH’s way of focus-testing their cards, and it’s pretty fun.

Hop on for a few rounds to kill your boredom.

2. Cards Against Humanity Family Edition

If you want to bring the experience home, there’s now a family-friendly version of the game.

The beta can be downloaded and printed absolutely free on their website for a limited time.

3. is quite simply a site where you can play card games with friends online for free! They have several game options, including one that’s very close to Cards Against Humanity called Remote Insensitivity, for which you can easily set up a room to share with your friends.

The site has no chat feature, so you’ll probably want to have your communication app of choice going while you play.

4. Evil Apples

Evil Apples is another CAH-inspired game in the form of a mobile app available for iPhone and Android. You can use this one to play quick games in one sitting or ongoing bouts with groups of friends you check in with throughout the day, similar to a Words With Friends game model.

We hope this list helps you pass the time in a fun and dirty way!

What’s your best Cards Against Humanity moment?

Let us know in the comments.