Ah, summer. You can’t wait for it to arrive, and then when it does, you remember that you need to run and hide from it because heat is the enemy of everything good and decent in this world.

I mean, sure, without heat we literally wouldn’t have a habitable planet and therefore I wouldn’t be able to sit in my air conditioned apartment and rant about how angry I am at the concept of temperatures, but that’s not the point. The point is that we all gotta find a way to keep cool.

We could do so by traditional means, or we could take a walk on the wild side with these weird and potentially wonderful heat-beating accessories.

1. Bra Coolers

Have you had it up to here with boob sweat? Maybe try these Bra Coolers from Cool58. You cool them down in the freezer, fridge, or just cold water (though having them wet seems like it might slightly defeat the purpose), and then stick them inside your regular bra to keep your chest cool for up to two hours, apparently.

You can get them now for about 40 bucks if you’re curious.

2. CoolFit Pack

Want to stay cool AND make people think you have multiple healing injuries? Look no further. What this is is basically some cold packs and a bunch of straps and such you can use to apply them to whatever part of the body needs cooling. There’s even a stylish neck wrap.

And it can all be yours for around $200.

3. Neck Gaiter

Here’s an interest one. It’s a face mask / head wrap apparently made of a material that cools down to a temperature around 67 F when treated with cold water. The manufacturers say the process is “chemical free.” Given that literally everything is made of chemicals, I’m gonna guess that’s not totally accurate, but I suppose their point is that there are no liquids to deal with.

A pretty affordable deal at around 20 bucks.

4. Mini Air-Conditioner

Too hot at your desk? Consider one of these bad boys. They’re not complicated. Basically it’s a fan that pulls air through cold sponge and blows it at your face.

Honestly, given how far away my desk is from my window unit, I’m sold. Looks like this particular model is out of stock at the time of writing, but it may be back soon at this link.

5. Fan Hat

It’s a hat with a tiny solar-powered fan built in. I’m speechless.

And for only 12 bucks, how could anyone resist?

6. Dog Cooling Vest

Can’t leave out our furry friends! As with a lot of these wearable cooling solutions, the actual cool comes from putting it in cold water, after which the material insulates to keep the chilling effect going for a while. Comes in a variety of sizes for that perfect pupper fit.

Price range is about $30 – $50 depending whether your good boi is a yipper or a boofer.

And there you have it! Four cool weird ways to keep weirdly cool.

Will you be trying any of them out? Have you already?

Tell us in the comments.