It’s never a fun thing to find out the person you love and trust has been betraying you with someone else. I imagine it’s even less fun when the finding out turns out to be fairly public and unexpected, but I mean…at least you know, right?

This story began when Twitter user @RhiannaTxylor shared a picture of a woman and shirtless dude with a caption talking about his (very nice) physique.

And while most women appreciated the view, one Twitter user, @KenyDaNinja, recognized those abs (or maybe those tattoos) – they belonged to her boyfriend.

Image Credit: Twitter

The boyfriend insisted it was an old picture, but Twitter wasn’t done. @KneeshaBelle noticed a couple of issues of Houstonia Magazine in the background and looked up the covers.

They were…not that old.

The woman in the photo weighed in, stating that when she broke it off with Abs Guy (@Keithtrick) he mentioned he was “kicking it with someone.” Oops.

The real couple was on a plane when all of this went down, and it looks like his talk is as smooth as his bod, because the two of them are still together.

This is pretty extra, even for Twitter, but at least we know that if there ends up being no more television, we’re all still going to have something to watch.