34-year-old Jessica Gentry recently quit her job as a kindergarten teacher at Stone Spring Elementary School in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and since people seemed really, really curious as to why, she decided to make a list of reasons she decided the career just wasn’t for her.

Spoiler alert: money didn’t even make the list.

She has received over 250k likes since her post, and is thrilled that she’s started a conversation that needs to be had.

“There are an enormous amount of educators who feel that exact way but have felt alone and guilty for thinking so.

I never expected it to reach F*rther than a few friends – but I am so humbled to be able to throw the curtains open on the issue and give those who feel unable to say it a voice.”

An administrator in the school district acknowledges that some of Jessica’s concerns are valid, but that other teachers feel up to facing the challenge and promises the school district is always working toward creating the best learning environment possible.

Still, Jessica knows that change must come – and sooner rather than later.

“I’d love nothing more than to do work with those willing to listen to change the current path our public education system is headed down.

I promised my coworkers when I left that I’d be the voice for them since so many fear being reprimanded for speaking up.”

If you’ve got kids at home, remember that it starts with you – send your kid to school rested, prepared, and ready to learn!