For an event about music, the Grammys sure stirred up a lot of fashion talk this year. Buzzfeed recently reported on one artist who made a pretty big splash with their take on the style choices of industry icons, and Pokemon nerds everywhere are ecstatic.

A now infamous grid of red carpet pics started making its way around the internet, with most hot takes drawing comparisons to some sort of Suicide Squad-style lineup of comic book baddies.

But some saw more of a video game influence in the personas.

Enter Indonesian artist Ray Pratiwi, or @refrainbow as they’re known on twitter.

Ray’s imagination was sparked by the Pokemon chatter, and they decided to adapt the vibes of the performers into the franchise’s specific art style – which Ray says is not too different from their own. Twitter was in love.

How would categorize other celebrities in the Pokemon universe?

Let us know in the comments.