I’m not sure how to prepare you for what you’re about to see. There’s really no clever way to introduce it.

These are animals without necks. When you see them, you will want to laugh. And that’s fine, because they are not cursed to live this way by some genetic accident. They’re just the fever dreams of a photoshopping Instagrammer who…has certainly found their niche.

Here are what some animals would look like without necks. Just because.

15. Polar Bear

He do a strut.

14. Zebra

This is me after I tell a bad joke and nobody laughs.

13. Deer

Such a majestic creature.

12. Pelican

Are you a pelican or a pelican’t?

11. Giraffe

“Oh come on man, that was like my ONE THING.”

10. Tiger

Excuse me, comin’ through.

9. Donkey

Dat *ss though.

8. Cow

She looks so suspicious, I can’t handle it.

7. Camel

Don’t smoke, kids.

6. Elephant

Lemme just strut this tusk for a minute.

5. Goat

The greatest of all time.

4. Hippo

Is this a baby Jabba the Hutt?

3. Turkey

Nice try, Thanksgiving.

2. Doge

Truly man’s best friend.

1. Meerkat

Or mere cat?

I’ve been laughing for so long and staring at these so intently that I’ve nearly forgotten what necks look like. I may shock myself when I see my own in the mirror soon.

I think this is really what photoshop has been leading up to. Nay, it’s what computer technology in general has been leading up to.

Which one do you think is the funniest? What do you hear them saying in your head when you see the picture?

Tell us in the comments.