Ben Affleck has had a rough couple of years, and let’s worry about that right now.

Because these seamless fusions of Batfleck and Dunkin’ Donuts drinks into hilarious memes also reveal different sides of the man once known as Bennifer.

Let’s dig deep into the mind and psyche of the man formerly known as Mr. Garner… right now!

Vanilla Bean Coolatta

Strawberry Coolatta

Blue Raspberry Coolatta

Why Did I Make That Movie Iced Latte

Green Garbage Coolatta

Skinny Armaggeddon Ice Tea

Frozen Dunkaccino

Mountain Man Iced Coffee

Oreo Vanilla Bean Coolatta

Wut? Orange Creme Coolatta

Who Am I Anymore? Unspecified Cola Soda Drink

Somebody Resurrect My Career Like My Horrible Tattoo Suggests Coolatta

lol whatevs Chips Ahoy Coolatta

Things Are Looking Up (Maybe) Iced Mocha

Amelia Wedemeyer was the mastermind behind these genius pairings, and all we can say is, “Thank you so very much.”