We’ve all heard the stories about how regular women turn into complete and utter monsters when it comes time to get married. Something about the “one single best day ever!” mindset, or the idea that it’s “YOUR DAY” and it has to be perfect, or maybe that you’re spending so much money, turns women into the kind of people who want to control, say, someone’s tattoos.

But here’s the thing with Am I The A**hole posts…sometimes the answer isn’t as clear cut as you might think, so hear her out!

When you start reading, you’re all set to be on the sister-in-law’s side. I mean, the bride knew you had tattoos, she picked a spaghetti-strapped dress, not your problem, right? YTA (You’re the A**hole), lady!

But then you get to the part where the tattoos are racist and neo-Nazi. So. Okay. NTA (Not the A**hole, right?!)


This wedding needs to be aborted, and oh look, I’m not alone in this opinion!

Also, people are all kinds of nope about her claim that she’s “not a Nazi,” and “just proud to be white.”

Because nope.

So much nope.

Twitter and I hope this woman has reconsidered her marriage into a family of Nazis.

Do you agree? Disagree? Think she should run screaming or not judge a man for his family?

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