Those of us who have been in debt know how truly it can humble a person. How the anxiety that comes from just knowing you owe money can keep you up at night, make you sick to your stomach.

I would venture a guess that it’s even harder to admit that you’ve lived outside your means when you’re used to living a different sort of comfortable lifestyle. To realize that you’re not going to be able to “do” Christmas the way you typically do.

Which is the spot this husband and father found himself in when he took to Reddit, wanting to know if not doing Christmas for his wife and 2yo daughter made him a colossal jerk.

They spent a lot of money on fertility treatments, then didn’t quite realize they were spending too much afterward, with three mouths instead of two. They got pregnant again, this time as surprise, and she’s not able to work because they can’t afford daycare.

AITA if I "cancel" Christmas because I can’t afford it this year? from AmItheAsshole

So, is he a j^rkif he doesn’t buy anyone presents this year?

The responses were mixed…

Some folks definitely related…

Turns out many people think he’s the as$hole… but some people related. Still, they did have some choice words and reminders for the guy when it comes to what exactly is the reason for the season.

But it’s a relatable feeling…

And many folks are feeling those feelings…

This story kind of restores my faith in people, and I hope it’s done the same for you!

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