Jimmy Fallon loves to ask people for input on Twitter – he asks random questions, creates hashtags to go along with them, and then lets humanity do his job of making humorous television content for him.

This time, he wanted people to fess up to the coldest insult they ever received, and these 14 people definitely won – or lost, depending on how you look at it.

14. Tell me how you really feel.

Be forthright!

13. Honesty. Yikes.

I would chose not to listen to them anymore.

15. Oh man, that’s hilarious.

All others PALE in comparison. Hehehe.

11. That’s one special DMV worker.

At least she’s honest, right?

10. I remember when I thought 35 was old. Sigh.

Now I think it’s young. So yeah…


9. You can always count on Dad.

… to come with the sick, sick burns.

8. I guess they’ll just starve until Dad gets home.

Something tells me that they’ll be good with pizza.


7. It’s clearly a fantasy.

But you know what they say about dreams? I don’t, I was asking.


6. Mom with the slam dunk!

The Christmas curse!

5. You’ll understand some day, kid.

Your heart will be just as frozen as mine!


4. Touche, young Skywalker.

Enjoy that attitude as well, kid!

3. Maybe they didn’t mean it like it sounded?

But… they probably did.

2. Must be why that was such a fun party.

I’m such a party pooper anyway.

1. I guess you can just play by yourself then.

Loneliness: the only game you can play by yourself.

Man, these ARE cold! For once, I’m glad I didn’t get Twitter famous!

Do you have anything to add? Could you beat any of these people? I certainly hope not, for your sake!

Still… let us know in the comments!