The internet is home to approximately one million “hacks” for various things – most of which have perfectly fine ways to actually do them in the first place.

Like, say, curling your hair. We already have these lovely devices (that are actually hot metal poles) that are safe and plug into outlets in our homes where it’s not a hundred degrees, so why would you need to curl your hair outdoors on a burning pole?

I guess the point is maybe that you can, or perhaps to prove just how how it is where you live, I don’t know.

So, if you’re curious, Damaris Sweetie and her TikTok have the answers.

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She’s a 27-year-old bank officer from the Solomon Islands, and if you think those gorgeous curls are natural, think again, friends.

The Solomon Islands exist in the South Pacific, where it’s hot and humid all year round – around 80 degrees Fahrenheit on average – and while in the olden days people used to fry eggs on the sidewalk to prove how blistering hot it was where they lived, Damaris found a new way to really drive the point home.

@damarissweetieSo hot out here ?? lol. ##pacificlife♬ original sound – Damzie✨

Her video of her wrapping a piece of her hair around a pole, holding it for a few seconds, and coming away with a springy curl has been viewed on TikTok more than 17 million times.

Since some people questioned whether or not her hair might have already been curled, she made a second video, too, to prove it.

This world, y’all. Did you know that at one point in time we all had to just choose to believe someone or not based on our relationship, experience, and instincts? No video!?

“I don’t know why I came up with that idea. It was so hot that day that I decided, why not try and curl my hair?”

As far as using an outdoor pole to curl her entire head, Damaris says nope.

“I’ll be on sick leave if I stand in the sun all day. My hair is too big.”

@damarissweetieReply to @a.rowe788 For those of ask which country is this um Solomon Pacific.♬ original sound – Damzie✨

Damaris, it seems, was only using the demonstration to show that it could be done because it’s so hot in the Solomon Islands, but the trend has taken on a life of it’s own, with teenagers in hot climates everywhere giving it an actual shot.

I saw a video the other day with two girls in Arizona, one of whom ended up getting her hair burned off after her friend insisted they leave it on the railing for “a few more seconds.”

Yeah. With friends like that, right?

What’s the next big way we’re going to demonstrate how hot it is outdoors, do you think?

If you come up with it, grab your TikTok and become the next big thing!