There are far too many people in the world – men, women, and everyone in between – who think that the man in a relationship should be bigger and/or taller than the woman he falls in love with.

Which is silly, when you think about it, because if you’re a woman of above-average height you’re crossing off a good portion of the dating population – probably full of some mighty fine men!

And, in order to crush the idea that shorter men aren’t sexy or that couples where the woman is taller look weird or out of place, these 13 couples are sharing their too-adorable pics together.


13. Those are some pretty people.

12. And stylish, too!

11. Nowhere to go from there but up!

10. So many good looking people out there!

9. They’re definitely doing something right!

8. The woman who kicked off the thread bringing the truth.

7. He’s certainly learned how to smolder at the camera.

6. Hubba hubba I can see why!

5. Happiness like this is where it’s at.

4. Love is all you need.

3. When you’re a match, you’re a match.

2. They’re in for the long haul!

1. Think of all of the costume opportunties!

My husband is taller than I am, but I’ve definitely dated men who were my height or just barely taller – and honestly, not having to wear heels is kind of a blessing!

Is your significant other shorter than you? Taller?

We’re taking an informal poll in the comments!