Chrissy Teigen is the queen bee of Twitter, and it’s precisely because she’s willing to share things with the world that most people would never dream of. And somehow John Legend is totes cool with it all? They’re a match made in social media heaven.

This time she asked the Twitterverse the following question…

Photo Credit: Twitter/chrissyteigen

Naturally, she shared first.

Kind of.

Photo Credit: Twitter/chrissyteigen

Her legions of fans didn’t disappoint. Enjoy!

1. One foot

Photo Credit: Twitter/kbullet83

2. That’s sweet

Photo Credit: Twitter/benarmishaw

3. Getting blessed

Photo Credit: Twitter/angelicaxcba

4. Unlocked door

Photo Credit: Twitter/heawood

5. Salad injury

Photo Credit: Twitter/MikeWB75

6. Spilling everything

Photo Credit: Twitter/angela30allen

7. Lolol

8. Ouch!

Photo Credit: Twitter/fizzcracked

9. Fancy party fail

Photo Credit: Twitter/jeffrey

10. Dumped

Photo Credit: Twitter/tonyposnanski

11. Public p*op

Photo Credit: Twitter/wsurman

12. Airport flasher

Photo Credit: Twitter/ferdalump

13. That’s just terrible

Photo Credit: Twitter/karagoucher

14. Foot, meet mouth

15. “Would you like one?”

What about you – any horrifying memories you’d like to share with the world.