Some twitter jokes are so good they just keep popping up over and over again. You might say that history retweets itself. I mean, you shouldn’t say that. Because anyone who hears you will slap you right across the face. But you could. Because it’s true.

To illustrate what I’m talking about, here’s a collection of 10 classic and/or soon to be classic tweets that deserve a long legacy.

10. Just soak it all in

9. Winnie the Ew

8. Also, there’s some cracks you might step on

7. She’s the opposite of Anakin

6. Gotta keep a pasta-tive outlook

5. I drink therefore I am

4. We’re totally getting to it

3. All dressed up to sell me car insurance

2. Love me tenders

1. It’s part of being a groan-up

Obviously, most of those belong in a museum. Which is why I’m campaigning for the next Indiana Jones adventure to be subtitled “…And The Bomb-Ass Like Ratio.”

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