There’s a theory that says “lame” jokes are so popular because they almost act as a common enemy. You’re not laughing and enjoying it because it’s genuinely hilarious, you’re laughing at the sheer audacity of the joke’s existence. As though you’re turning to your friends and saying “Can you believe this joke? The nerve!”

Let’s test that theory now with some jokes that are awful in the best possible way. Monitor your reactions closely. This is for science.

10. Bullseye

9. Can’t brush it aside

8. It really only works written down

7. A fair test

6. This is sparking joy

5. Also Tom

4. Healing for the soul

3. Hoof it out

2. It’s just yeast of here

1. I call it car-bonara

You’re probably experiencing a lot of emotions right now. Anger. Confusion. Head-shakefulness. That’s completely normal. Give yourself some time to recover from these jokes before going out and inflicting them on others, which you know you’re totally going to do.

What’s your favorite “groaner” joke to tell?

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