So, by now, you probably know what the #wipeitdownchallenge is on TikTok. If not, here’s a crash course: you record a video of yourself cleaning a mirror with movement synchronized to the song Wipe it Down by BMW KENNY (that’s why it’s called “wipe it down,” see. It’s called a challenge because…well, because everything that happens on TikTok has to be called a challenge.)

Anyway, you sneak in an edit so that the wipe reveals you changing in some way.

That’s it. It’s simple. It’s fun.

Here’s an example:


Король в Tiktok!👑Наведём порядок?!#kirkorov #wipeitdownchallenge #взеркале


Ok, so, also, do you remember The Amanda Show? That Nickelodeon sketch show that aired for three seasons starting in 1999? Of course you do. You’ve got two eyes and a heart, don’t ya?

I mean this thing had Amanda Bynes, Josh Peck, and also…Taran Killam for a few episodes, apparently?

Anyway, it was a magical affair.

Image: Nickelodeon

But one star we haven’t mentioned yet is none other than every Millennial’s coming-of-age teen heartthrob Drake Bell, who’s most memorable character from the show may have been an ultra-Californian surfer/garage band persona who would appear on a segment called Totally Kyle.

“Um, one time, I like, couldn’t find the cordless phone,” the segment begins, “so my mom was all, ‘hey, where’s the cordless phone?’ And I was like…I dunno.”

I won’t spoil the video for you but suffice it to say it…continues like that for a while.

A great reminder that in the early 2000’s, we had to specify which of our phones were cordless, and it was a simpler time for sketch writing. (No shade to Drake. He sells it hard.)

Image: Nickelodeon

Which brings us to the main event.

Drake Bell, now looking pretty damn suave at 34, has been active on TikTok lately, and he chose to try his hand at this whole wipe it down business, transforming for a brief moment back into, who else, Totally Kyle.

Just look at that smiling mug, here to transport us to a time when life was simple and also we would occasionally go places.

My favorite part by far is that even he looks surprised to see his past-self emerging, as we all are.

Incredibly pleasantly surprised, of course.

Honestly I’d pay good money to see the full cast put these together.

Apparently he’s also been doing personal shout outs in the Kyle character on the app Cameo, so if you absolutely loved this, you might want to check and see if you’ve got a spare 99 bucks lying around…

What’s your fondest Nickelodeon memory?

Tell us in the comments.