Emergency responders have got a tough job to do. And until we finally invent some sort of Star Trek style transporter beam, one of the toughest parts is just getting to the people that need help.

Some obstacles that get in the way of that are inevitable, but others aren’t. For instance, the general cooperation of bystanders. If you come across a worker running to do a job, they probably don’t need you to do anything other than get out of the way. Seems pretty simple, but apparently it’s not as common as you’d hope.

A post in r/PettyRevenge kicked off a large discussion about that.

Tell Paramedics to wait for the next elevator, I don’t think so.
byu/taloncard815 inpettyrevenge

Now, whether a post like this really belongs in “Petty Revenge” is debatable, as the actions were necessary and not aimed at revenge…dunking on the guy was just sort of a bonus.

But it sure got people talking.

Apparently this isn’t an uncommon thing for floor managers to deal with.

And most of them do their best.

It can be hard to get into the head space of someone who doesn’t instinctively just move.

Other paramedics chimed in with their experiences.

Hospital workers saw plenty of this.

Remember kids, it’s important to move over on the road as well.

Not only is it the law, it’s also just the safe and decent thing to do.

Your non-emergency can always wait.

Just be courteous, OK?

Also – how much do we all want those fire keys now?

Moral of the story: keep priorities straight. Not just yours, but those of whatever situation you find yourself a part of – accidentally or otherwise.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen someone do in an emergency?

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