You want fan problems? We’ve got fan problems. Oh so many…

  • People are pissed about how Missandei died. In chains. They think this is racist and misogynistic.
  • Jon didn’t say goodbye to Ghost? WTF? And he can’t keep secrets anymore?
  • The Starks are not acting heroic anymore. At all. Arya reflexively doesn’t trust Dany even though she’s a huge reason they won against the army of the dead… and Sansa is planting info like she’s Littlefinger now? We HATED Littlefinger! Why are they being Littlefinger?!?
  • Rhaegal’s death was so wrong for so many reasons. 1) How do those scorpion bolts bend AROUND a mountain? 2) The bolts, which are mounted on ships rocking back and forth in the ocean… just landed three of those things immediately?! 3) And then… how did DOZENS of scorpion bolts miss Drogon when Dany is raging towards Euron just because she turned? 4) How did they load those scorpions up again so fast? It would take minutes, not seconds, to load them again. I could go on. I won’t…
  • A f*cking Starbucks cup?!!! How was that missed?!?!?!

And yeah, there are a lot more.

Here are just some of the tweets that DO NOT mention the coffee cup.



OMG… don’t say THAT!

But do you? Do you….?

Oh, we shall see…


Let’s not get dramatic, ya’ll.

Pro drawing. 10/10.

I look forward to you producing a document of all the tweets you’ve posted ever.

Ghost deserved better. That we can all agree on.

So what did you think? Feel betrayed by this latest episode?

Well, there are only 2 more to go!

Stay tuned!