Reddit sure does have a lot of subreddits dedicated to revenge. I’m sure that’s nothing we need to think too hard about or…look into. After all, they do at least produce quite a few entertaining stories. Like this one from r/ProRevenge which was submitted by a user calling herself talesofakat. Kat’s story, like so many on the platform, deals with revenge sought upon a bad roommate. But for as common a refrain as that premise is, this particular yarn is certainly unique.

Everybody at some point has had a roommate who just doesn’t pull their weight or uphold their end of things, and it is the most infuriating thing in the world. I’m sorry to say that if you can’t think of a roommate like this you’ve had in the past, you have either never had a roommate, or you are this person. In which case, let this story be a cautionary tale of the sort of thing that might happen if your cohorts should decide to give you a taste of your own inconsiderate medicine.

Part 1: Bring Your Popcorn

Part 2: The Cardinal Roommate Rule

Part 3: A New Man

Part 4: The CLG

Part 5: Moving Out

Part 6: No Remorse

Part 7: Time for Revenge

Part 8: Kevin

Part 9: Revolving Door

Part 10: The Aftermath

Part 11: The Tables Have Turned

Now, I don’t know about the ethics of just handing the keys over to a man you know nothing about to co-habitate with your female friend, but I can certainly sympathize with that burning desire to achieve what Kat has achieved here. To scratch that itch…to answer that little voice that says “GOD I wish they could know what this feels like.”

What’s your worst roommate story?

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