Is there anything better than a truly stupid joke?

Yep! A really fascinating meme!

Yeah, sometimes it’s great to turn your brain off… but that’s not what this post is about. No, today, we’re gonna laugh AND think.

So put your smarty pants on and let’s get cracking!

1. K F’n C

The colonel is about to serve up a large side of ultra violence.

2. Stone cold

I’m so incredibly angry right now.

3. Toe-tapping terraforming

Kenny G is going to be our greatest astronaut.

4. Plain and simple.

Seymour Skinner is just being honest about it.

Photo Credit: someecards

5. I feel this one.

Cheese is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Photo Credit: someecards

6. You deserve this!

Time for a drink!

Photo Credit: someecards

7. Somewhere in between.

I guess I still need a little help…

Photo Credit: someecards

8. That’s what we all say inside when we buy produce.

It’s sad, but true.

9. Mixed emotions.

Stay away from me! I love you!

10. The choice is yours.

So, what’ll it be?

11. Auto-hilarious asphyxiation

This is how I want to go out.

12. Food food food food food food!

I think there’s something wrong with this dog.

13. The lighter side of the force

He’s gonna be picking that out of his suit for months.

14. Florida man to the rescue!

This new season of G.I. Joe is weird.

15. Jumping to conclusions

Crazy how nature do dat.

16. Man vs machine

This is beyond science.

17. False flag campaign

“I’m Mark Zuckerberg, and I never said this.” – Mark Zuckerberg

18. Please don’t wake up, please don’t wake up.

Dammit, I woke up all the way.

Photo Credit: someecards

19. I see what you did there.

And I love it!

Photo Credit: someecards

20. Wait until you see this disaster.

And it’s playing out in real-time!

Photo Credit: someecards

21. Lock your doors.

There’s an insane person on the loose.

Photo Credit: someecards

They say that listening to classical composers like Mozart makes you smarter. I wonder if scrolling through memes like this has the opposite effect? If so; totally worth it.

What’s your favorite stupid joke/meme?

Share the dumb in the comments.