From the Millennial generation onward, “Do you want to move in together?” has become almost a pre-proposal proposal. With less pressure on people to get married, more and more couples are trying out cohabitation first and seeing if it works out well, which, honestly, seems like a very wise path to take. But it doesn’t always go swimmingly…

Here are 10 confessions from women about what it was like after their boyfriend moved in.

10. All out of love

Guess the magic is gone.

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9. Fight club

Are you gonna talk about it?

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8. Low effort

It’s amazing how common this sort of shift seems to be.

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7. Lazy days

He was probably always like this and you didn’t know because you didn’t live with him.

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6. Back-stabbers

This is pretty damn low.

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5. Domestic disputes

Period of adjustment or just a huge mistake?

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4. Power struggle

It can be disturbing when someone’s true colors come out.

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3. Convenience fee

Nobody’s happy when the sparks stop flying so very quickly.

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2. Moving on up

Of course, it’s not all bad.

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1. Sex and kisses

Some people just wanted to pop in to share their joy!

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Moving in is a big step, of course, and while not as huge a commitment as marriage, it’s still something you should make sure you’re ready for before you dive in. It’s well worth the time to carefully consider.

Do you live with the person you’re dating? How’s it going?

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