Marriage is one of the oldest institutions in the human race. With so many people committing their lives to each other, it’s no wonder that these relationships are often fraught with deception and concealment in an attempt to keep that commitment afloat. In these particularly cases, one has to wonder how much longer that can last…

Here are 14 anonymously submitted confessions from husbands on exactly what their wives don’t know.

14. Say my name

To be fair, none of us know either.

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13. Thrifty business

A penny saved is a penny hidden.

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12. Baby mine

I’m sure this will work out just great…

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11. Virtual reality

Gotta put it on pause, I guess.

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10. K

Well, that’s not exactly a fortune, is it?

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9. Past encounters of the 3rd kind

I feel like there’s more to this story.

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8. Unholy thoughts

Better hope Jesus doesn’t tell on you.

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7. Quiet desperation

But where are the tears coming from?

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6. The past is present

You should probably come clean about this.

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5. Grown ups

Which ones?

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4. Under where?

Hasn’t she noticed that they keep going missing?

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3. Master of my domain

Boy, marriage sounds like a real hoot.

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2. Pigging out

I do this every day, so.

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1. Comic commitment


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Sounds like some serious counseling might be called for, if not a few courtrooms. Marriage is a tough thing to make work; remember, honesty is the best policy. And oh yeah, don’t cheat.

What’s the craziest thing from a marriage you’ve heard about/experienced?

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