Ah, coffee. It’s the thing that wakes me up in the morning, the thing that powers me through nap time, and the only reason I manage to stay awake through bedtime so I can get some actual work done.

That said, I try to limit myself to 3-4 cups of regular, American-ish coffee a day, which means I’ll likely (hopefully) never have this man’s experience.

See, he drank an entire cup of espresso meant for three or four people to share – the equivalent of 12 cups of coffee – in about 5 minutes.

Here is his cautionary tale.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Given that my poor body doesn’t know how to handle 2 cups of coffee with no food, I think this might have killed me.

Do you have any experiences like this? Please share them with us if you do.

BUT… don’t go experimenting on our behalf. It just can’t be good for you.