There’s nothing quite like the bond of a sibling – brothers, sisters, sister-brothers, they’re all a bit different, and each one as special and unique as the people who make up the unit.

When siblings endure a tragedy like losing a parent or parents, it can bring them even closer together – which is the situation here, with the original poster (OP) being 22 and the legal guardian for his 15yo brother.

Now, let’s assume the 15yo needs a little extra care from being orphaned, and that 22yo is doing a great thing by loving him and being there for him and not making him feel in any way like a burden.

Then, OPs girlfriend shows up to find the two of them asleep on the couch together and fre*ks out, calling their relationship “disgusting,” implying something awful was going on, and making the already-traumatized younger brother feel again as if there’s something wrong with him.

AITA for kicking out my girlfriend because she said my relationship with my brother was disgusting. from AmItheAsshole

OP tried talking to his girlfriend but she totally gaslit him, acting as if she’d done nothing wrong and didn’t understand why everyone was so upset.

Naturally, this sparked outrage.

How could it not?

So he dumped her.

Good luck finding anyone on the thread saying YTA (You’re the A**hole), because most people definitely agree that the girlfriend is 100% in the wrong, not worth his time, and he is NTA (Not the A**hole) here.

And this poster has some especially pointed advice…

I definitely agree – what do you think?

Would you waste time on someone who mischaracterized your sibling relationship so badly?

Basically… is the original poster an a$$hole for dumping his GF because she thought her BF’s relationship with her brother was inappropriate?

Drop your opinion below!