We all work hard and look forward to taking those vacation days when we’ve earned them – bonus if we live somewhere cold or not-beachy and are able to book a tropical trip just when we need it.

So, I imagine that Andrew Kimmel was pretty disappointed in how his last-minute trip to Cabo, Mexico turned out.

Luckily for all of us, he documented the entire thing in a Twitter thread that’s one of the more entertaining things I’ve read this year (so far).

It all began when Andrew realized that to keep his status with American Airlines, he would need to spend $275 on a flight. So, he booked a last minute trip to Mexico.

Take that.

He rented a reasonable car, checked into a hotel, and grabbed dinner with some locals who picked up his bill.

Nothing to see here…yet.

Mr. Kimmel decided to go drinking, and at the last bar of the night, things began to get interesting.

The bartender handed him a bill for $300 – he’d only had 2 beers – and when his credit card was declined due to fraud protection (he’d forgotten to charge his phone so couldn’t approve the charge), stole his card and passport, and had him arrested.

Things went from bad to worse…

Kimmel claims to have had quite the chuckle with the police, who were in on the swindle, but that wasn’t going to help him.

He was supposed to get out in 30 minutes.

3 hours later, no one had come for him.

And he meets a friend!

But yeah, a lot of time goes by…

The next morning, a kind Kenyan woman who had been tossed in the clink by an Uber driver who claimed she hadn’t paid him bailed out Andrew, and the two of them set off looking for a ride to the airport.

Note: NEVER fall asleep during situations like this, but DO befriend friendly Kenyans.

She went through something similar…

Cabo, your tourism department could use some tweaking.

At the airport, Kimmel is faced with the missing passport dilemma.

The Kenyan woman wants to make out with him and maybe more, but Andrew just wants his status and to get home in time for his NYE party.

As a romance author, I’m disappointed in this turn in the story, tbh.

Andrew makes the last flight out but not his party, presumably, since he arrived home after midnight, but he did maintain his status.

I guess all’s well that end’s well. Except for the lost cash.

To cap it off, American Airlines replied to his first tweet only, missing the fun and, as is typical for airlines, the entire point.

And that’s how Andrew Kimmel began the year – and the decade – with the best thread on Twitter.