We’ve all heard some variation of the “woman gives a guy a F*ke number” story. In fact there are entire online galleries dedicated to screenshots of bros getting pissed off when they realize the lady they were trying to hit on was just trying to get away from them.

But in all of those stories, this one is unique. @codiehiger or “Codes Malone” on Twitter, tweeted out some screenshots of a conversation that started with a picture of a bundt cake from a total stranger:


“Hey it’s Mike!,” the stranger texts, “It was cool meeting you! This is how that lemon bundt cake turned out by the way.”

“hey – not sure who you’re trying to text,” Codie replies, “but it appears you have the wrong number! nice cake though!”

“Wait this isn’t Leah?”


“Oh f*ck. Okay. I had a virtual Hinge date but I guess she gave me a F*ke number.”

“omg i’m SO sorry that is awful! her loss! you enjoy that cake!!”

Whether the F*ke number was intentional or just a matter of miscommunication, Mike and Codie’s accidental conversation went on, and they found that they actually kind of clicked. Soon, they were setting up a virtual date of their own!

In a pretty strong reversal of the usual order of online dating, they got to know each other and THEN exchanged pictures.

Codie didn’t share Mike’s picture with the world, but assures us he is, in fact, cute.

And so they prepared for that most exciting and perplexing of all modern interactions – the virtual date.

By now tons of people following the thread just had to know: how did it actually go? Apparently, pretty well.

And no, Codie is not sharing this saga behind Mike’s back.

Following the end of the Twitter updates, she said she’d post more on her instagram @codiehiger. Thus far there don’t seem to be any posts along those lines, so who knows if this was the start of something or just a single nice evening. Either way, it’s the kind of story I think we’d all like to see more often.

Have you tried a virtual date yet? What was it like?

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