Everybody gets scam messages now and then. Spam calls about free vacations we’ve apparently won, emails demanding our passwords, robo-dialers claiming there’s a warrant out for our unpaid taxes, Disney assuring us the next Star Wars movie will be good, the world of scams is all around us. But most of us don’t bother interacting with it; we see the fraud and we hang up or delete or just keep walking as we roll our eyes.

Some folks like to have a little more fun though, like user jicamarcababy on Imgur, who uploaded this epic thread of screenshots to the platform documenting his wild ride with a would-be scammer over text message.

In the description of the post, the user (presumably named Jacob), gives a little background. Apparently, the company that he works for was getting emails from someone impersonating the CEO. The impostor requests employee phone numbers so that he can ask people for “a favor.” The favor turns out to be buying a bunch of gift cards, a common goal for scammers as they’re an easy way to preserve anonymity and ensure the money never gets returned to the victim.

Jacob, immediately smelling an opportunity to waste a con man’s time, created a burner phone number, sent it to the scammer, then waited for the fun to begin. What happened over the next few hours is as hilarious as it is unexpected. It kicks off when the “CEO,” sends a test message to check if the number works, claiming he’s in a conference.

Chapter 1: Conference

Chapter 2: When You’re Here, You’re Family

Chapter 3: “It Okay Jacob”

Chapter 4: Career Advancement

Chapter 5: Jenny

Chapter 6: Farming Simulator

Chapter 7: The Client

Chapter 8: Your Love For Goats

Chapter 9: You An Idiot

Chapter 10: The Tomato Soup Incident

Chapter 11: KFC

Chapter 12: Car Trouble

Chapter 13: The Affair

Chapter 14: Danger

Chapter 15: Get Out of There

Chapter 16: In Hiding

Chapter 17: On the Run

Chapter 18: She Has My Gun

Chapter 19: I’m the Boss

Chapter 20: Drugs

Chapter 21: The Dingle Brothers

Chapter 22: Not Again

Chapter 23: Pocket Fries

Chapter 24: I Won This Time

Chapter 25: Take a Hint

According to his post, Jacob’s plan was to continue messing with the guy until he eventually figured it out and stopped trying. Trouble is, whoever was on the other end just never seemed to give up, forcing a bored Jacob to literally write “No go away scammer” on a card and then just copy/paste the script from Bee Movie. What an absolute legend.

Have you ever dealt with a scammer? How did it go?

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