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Women, especially online, seem to have had it up to here with taking unsolicited advice about their bodies, roles, and future from men – a fact that one guy found out the hard way when he thought he’d offer up advice on best mothering practices.

Here it is:

How to be a better mother:

– Be feminine

– Wear dresses

– Don’t hit your kids

– Enforce boundaries

– Be physically active

– Don’t tease your kids

– Cook your family’s meals

– Don’t call your children names

– Do not get drunk in front of them

– Show up to their games *& cheer*

Now, let’s point a couple of things out right upfront. First, he’s very likely a man still hurting from the ways his own mother disappointed him as a child and is using this list and his platform as some weird way of fixing himself. This excuses nothing, because he is now a grown man and should know better.

Second, there are things on this list that many pointed out were absolutely arbitrary when it comes to being a good mother.

For instance, how a woman dresses.

Why would he care?

And what does it matter?

And whether she cooks dinner or goes for a run afterward.

Does it truly matter if she’s physically active?

But mostly, women just seemed to take offense at the idea that someone on the internet who doesn’t know them or their kids or how they actually run their family from day-to-day, would dare criticize them based on this list.

Or any list, honestly.

Because lists are not a good way to determine how whole groups of people should behave.

No, not at all.

Also, shoutout to the men out there – obviously raised by good women – also confused and irritated and not afraid to clap back!

Seriously bro? Seriously?

Who hurt you?

Let’s all just stop trying to force other people into small, arbitrary boxes labeled “good” and “bad,” shall we?

We’re all going to be happier if we do.