A tweet from user @MJohnsonFTW has gone unexpectedly viral recently due to some Netflix shenanigans. Like most streaming platforms, Netflix is set up to allow multiple simultaneous users from one account; 2 at once for a standard plan, 4 at once for premium. It also allows for up to 5 profiles to keep different users’ preferences and tastes distinct from each other. This is all really useful if you, say, share your account with your family or a roommate. But what happens when you share it with your boss?

Apparently Marcus’ boss Kevin didn’t have an account but really needed to get it on this Tiger King craze, so Marcus kindly shared his password. What he didn’t expect was that Kevin would add profiles for his kids, and have the AUDACITY to change Marcus’ profile to “Kevin/Marcus.”

The tweet started to spread partially out of amusement and partially out of outrage as any instance of boss/employee exploitation is not a good look. But as Marcus stated multiple times, this was not actually a big deal.

It seems a strong possibility that Kevin isn’t the most tech-savvy guy, demonstrated here by his confusion on what going viral means.

Kevin and Marcus seem to enjoy a close, playful relationship.

And as Marcus insists, this is not a toxic workplace. Just a couple of guys with a genuine kinship who enjoy messing with each other.

It’s refreshing to see that kind of wholesome story come around. Bosses like that are definitely worth holding onto.

Have you ever had a boss you particularly liked?

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