I’m not sure where the term “butterflies in your stomach” came from – nor do I know what actual physical phenomenon is at play.

But I do know that I love it and so do you.

That’s why this Reddit thread is so uplifting:

Boys, what do girls do that gives you butterflies?
byu/Mrllukell inAskReddit

So what makes our tummies flutter? Let’s find out.

1. Smiles.

Besides flirting, anyone I am attracted to smiling because of something I said gives me butterflies.

– damboy99

2. Song.


Doesn’t have to be good or anything. Just Idgaf singing.

So full of life, I love that sh*t man.

– [deleted user]

3. Love languages.

Physical touch. Holding hands, arm, hug, leaning against me.

Just one of my love languages.

– EducatedHoustonian

4. Touch.

I’m usually fine with talking to girls but if a girl I find somewhat mildly attractive, touches me anywhere below the neck, I will collapse in approximately 3 minutes

– Driplzy

5. Interest.

When she genuinely shows interest in me.

And I don’t need to “run after her, because I am the man”

– Flayff

6. Pics.

When she sends a pic for no reason.

– KingwoodSloth

7. Leans.

When she leaned to kiss me on our first date.

Took me a while to figure out how to speak English again.

– XxuruzxX

8. Honesty.

Making their interest abundantly clear without any games; a little nervous on a date; offering to pay for anything.

If in a relationship, random gestures that girls would find sweet would do the same for most guys (i.e., surprise little gifts etc.)

– 2v2hunters

9. Compliments.

Give me compliments.

It doesn’t happen a whole lot, but if a girl says I got cute eyes or just am cute then that gives me a nice tingly feeling

– Lightmareman

10. Laughter.

Laughing with you, touching, looking into your eyes.

I think the most anxious I ever felt was when a long-time crush looked straight into my eyes after a hug, and it told me everything she was feeling.

Kissed her for the first time right then and there.

And now we’ve been dating 5 years.

– Meat_Flapz

11. Looks.

Prolonged eye contact for no f*cking reason.

– monibhai

12. Sweaters.

When they wear those sweaters that a little too big for them and one shoulder peeks through the neck.

– [deleted user]

13. Teasing.

When they tease you in just the right way

– Josephmurrell

14. Growing.

Usually they buy me caterpillars and then I bring them home.

Then they grow

– himmyyyyy

15. Attention.


Any attention at all.

– d_litt1

Yup, seems like a pretty comprehensive list to me. We men are a simple lot. We’re really not that hard to please.

What would you add to this list?

Tell us in the comments.