Ladies, gather round. Today, we guys have some things to share with you.

They’re not huge, they won’t take long, they’re just stuff you need to know.

What as a guy do you wish girls knew?
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Fellas of Reddit, chime in on your topic of choice.

1. Friend talk

I know f**k all about my mates. I don’t know what they’ll do in the future, I don’t know that much about their romantic life. They don’t know anything about me.

Sometimes guys spend time around each other and don’t get too mixed up in the past or the future. This concept blows my sisters mind.

– AlbaAndrew6

2. Compliments

If you genuinely compliment a guy…don’t be upset if they don’t react the same way a woman would react to a random compliment

Most dudes get them so infrequently that when it does happen, there is a part of them that wonders if it was genuine…or if they are just giving them a polite and/or pity compliment

This often leads to an awkward/unenthusiastic response to said compliment

It never occurs to most guys to just say “Thanks!”

– Ron_F**kin_Swanson

3. It’s not under our control

An erection is a non-voluntary muscle reaction, with or without stimuli.

Only a selected few have mastered the ability to manually command their boners to stop being erect.

– kandnm115709

4. Dropping hints

girl: I’m dropping so many hint! Why doesn’t he get them?

boy: I think girl is dropping hints but I’m not sure I want to risk my friendship and embarrassment so I’ll just ignore them.

– Qepperoni

5. Little moments

We like random gifts, we like random hugs, we like random signs of affection and love – sometimes just a cup of coffee in my favourite mug is enough to convince me it’s going to be a good day.

– Additional_Breath_89

6. Desirability

We want to be seen as sexy, beautiful creatures. Many of us want to be pursued also, to feel like we don’t have to always motivate women into wanting us.

Nobody should be the designated initiator 100% of the time.

– Ysara

7. Feelings

When we tell women that we don’t know how we feel about something it’s usually true and we genuinely don’t really understand how we are supposed to feel i personally wasn’t allowed to express emotions growing up and it turned into me not being able to understand my emotions

– rb2130

8. Nothing

When we say we’re thinking about nothing, the majority of the time it literally is just nothing or ridiculous scenarios that we make up that sound stupid when said out loud

– yeetgodmcnechass

9. Manners

You know that complaint that women sometimes have that just because they are polite to you doesn’t mean they’re interested in you?

Yeah, that works both ways. I’m not saying “good morning” because I want to bed you, I’m not holding the door for you because I think you’ll reward me with some nookie for doing so, etc. etc.

I’m doing so because, like you, I’m a decent human being and am being polite.

– just_some_a–hole

10. Affection

I want physical affection outside of s**. Maybe it’s just the women I’ve been with, but no one ever hugs me, rubs my back, or plays with my hair.

And I do that stuff for you ladies all the time.

Sometimes I just want you to walk up to me and hug me.

Part of the reason I ask for s** so often is because i feel physically lonely and it’s the only time I get to feel the touch of another human being.

– Content_Weekend_7285


We aren’t unemotional, we just may not show it as often.

It hurts when I’ve had to hear from my mother or sister say things like “you’re a guy, you aren’t good with your emotions” or “you don’t understand being emotional”.

I do. I absolutely do.

Saying things like “I don’t understand” in such an arrogant, condescending tone only makes me want to show them less.

– TheMando9

12. Rest

Days off are for resting. I’ve dated a lot of women who heard I had 2 days off work and took it as an invitation to make plans for us.

Like yeah I appreciate that you put all this effort into planning our time together but sometimes I’m just burned out and need like 2 days of just sitting home in my underwear watching tv.

– cornyroll

13. Moment of clarity

Oh! Post-ejaculation-clarity. Immediately after ejaculation our brains are not flooded with s** chemistry. So there’s a window upwards of ten minutes (though usually much faster) where we don’t really have a s** drive. It’s a weird feeling.

Don’t get mad but instead use your womanly wiles and lures to entice us into cuddling.

Even without s** drive in those very fleeting moments a hug is always nice.

– Hattkake

14. Massive impact

You have a massive impact on our lives the smallest things you can harm or help us so much since we are so starved for affection and have our emotions alienated I had one friend who was a girl who just acted kind to me and it helped my mental health so f**king much

– stopyouveviolatedthe

15. C o m m u n i c a t i o n

When the conversation goes like this:

Woman – (deep sigh)

Man- Are you ok?

Woman – (deep sigh), I guess so

Man – Ok

If something isn’t ok, just tell us. Otherwise assume everything is running just fine with you.

– Americasycho

Now that that’s clear, let’s all get a beer.

What would you like to make clear to people about yourself?

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