We’re all familiar with the all-too-common power dynamic of an abusive man in a relationship who seems to thrive off of taking total control of his partner. But make no mistake, weird power dynamics can flow in all directions.

Sometimes guys can feel abused, smothered, or even just downright confused at the rules and expectations placed on them by their girlfriends, which was the issue on the table with these real, anonymously submitted confessions.

10. Talk the talk

So many of these are just variations on externalized insecurity.

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9. Junk it

If they really did, I’m guessing your HR department would have something to say about it as well.

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8. Psycho

I’m always baffled by people who say stuff like this but then demonstrate no intention of just breaking up with the person they clearly don’t like.

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7. Watch out

I’m sure this won’t spark an endless debate in the comments or anything.

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6. Totally broken

Like I said, abuse is not the exclusive domain of any gender.

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5. Self-sabotage

It’s manipulation and it’s really not fair to you at all.

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4. Fight the fight

The sleep thing is the worst.

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3. In my feelings

I can feel, but not you.

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2. Pay up

Hmm, mixed feelings on this one.

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1. What a twist

When done right, control ain’t all bad.

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General rule of thumb is that if you’re unhappy with your partner and it’s safe to leave them – just go. You do no one any favors otherwise.

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