Looking back on a relationship, there’s a lot you’ll remember, but it seems that two of the standout moments for most people are the first time they had sex, and the last time.

Why is that? I’m sure more qualified people than I can answer that question, but I’d guess it would come down to some variation of “sex is powerful.” Our memories of it are powerful. We put a lot of pressure on it, we build a lot of anticipation into it, we really emphasize it in our minds.

That’s why you can ask pretty much anybody what the first time was like with someone, and they’ll remember. Although, you probably shouldn’t just ask anybody. Like. Not strangers. That’s rude.

Anyway, here’s how some strangers answered that question.

12. Amazing

Moving right along.

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11. Not the best

A little too much build up there.

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10. Surprised/amazed

It’s a heck of a skill.

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9. Incredible and silly

What, do you wear clown noses or something?

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8. Not that great

Some folks do still wait.

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7. Passionate

It’s a familiar feeling.

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6. Most amazing

Well, that’s direct.

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5. Pitching a tent

Sounds painful but ok.

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4. A one time thing

Look what you’ve gone and done now!

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3. Wetter

Ya’ll really know how to pick a soundtrack.

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2. I didn’t know

You’ll get the hang of it.

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1. The best

I’ll make your legs shake, you make me go crazy.

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It really paints a picture.

What was your first time with your partner like?

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